World’s ancient rock cut structure of Kailash Temple, Ellora Caves

India is the land of temples. There are many temples, which are outstanding and mysterious. Here we are with the most mysterious temple of India called Kailash temple.

Guys get ready, now we are going to tell you about a temple which will make you astonished and feel, ah it must be an imagination just!

view of Kailash temple

view of Kailash temple

About ancient Ellora caves:

This holy ellora caves are located at Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. It is nearly 26 kms from Aurangabad and same called ‘Ajanta caves’ are located at 160 kms from the same.

It is a famous tourist spot famous for its structure, ancient temple and the mysterious which has even shook the minds of the scientists!

Structure of Kailash temple :

ellora caves

ellora caves

The name Kailash temple has been depicted, due to its structure same like Kailash mountain. There are about 34 temples in ellora caves, but Kailash temple is the biggest and finest of all. It is the hugest and situated in cave no. 16.

On the walls, there are pictured forms of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna leela, Maa Durga stories and many more.

The pillars there are about 100 feet tall. There are big balconies and a web of staircase. The statues and wall decor are designed in such a minute and fine way which is incredible and even tougher for today’s builders.

Astonishing things about Kailash Temple, Ellora caves:

elephants portraits

elephants portraits

You must be thinking what is there so different that no temple possess. It is counted under world’s heritage and one of the finest rock cut structure.

Experts and archeologist’s says, ‘Even by using modern tools and equipments, it is very hard and next to impossible to build same structure like Kailash temple’.

  • According to archeological findings, this temple is about 6000 years old and made finely. Many people say, it was made within 20 years, and experts says it is simply impossible to make so fine and huge rock cut structure in so less time.
  • Alike other temples, this temple is not made by joining rocks and bricks but this is made but cutting of a single mountain.
  • The cutting of the mountain is believed to be from up to down, which seems impossible in that times and even for today.
  • From the space view, only the Kailash temple is visible leaving all other caves and temples over there. Most amazing an ‘X’ over the top of temple is visible, which has no explaination why it was made.
  • It is almost impossible to find out the dating of Kailsah temple, this is because it is made by the cutting of a whole single mountain not the rocks. Mountain can be millions of year old!
  • According to geologists and scientists, there is an open area inside the tunnels. It can be configuring to a very different temple or can be said as a new world!
  • People visiting over there believe there is the presence of some extreme energy which even fills them with positivity.
wall art kailash temple

wall art kailash temple

Can Kailash temple be ever destroyed?

Aurangzeb who was known to destroy numerous Hindu temples, once tried to destroy Kailash temple too. In his order, 300 soldiers attacked the temple and continued for 3 years.

But they could not destroy it much excepting few idols. By this, Aurangzeb came to know it was not possible to destroy Kailash temple.

Ellora caves and the temple is the masterpiece of Indian art and culture. People from whole world comes here for tourism.

It is really a nice and can be said as the wonder! Hope you like the post. Share this in all the social medias and do share your comments with us. Take care and live well!

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