Is the warrior of Mahabharata Ashwathama still alive!

Can anybody stay alive for more than 5000 years. It looks next to impossible. On this Earth, there is a place where a person living for more than 5000 years is still there. Yes, we are talking about one of the greatest warrior of Mahabharata ‘Ashwathama‘.

Mahabharata was a great battle took place for more than 5000 years ago from today. This was the battle between ‘kauravas‘ and ‘pandavas‘.

Aswathama; one of the greatest warriors of Mahabharata is said as still alive. He is the son of Dronacharya.

mahabharat battle

mahabharat battle

We are not here to spread superstition or some fake things. We are only finding the link between religious belief and superstitions.

Mysterious thing about Ashwathama:

It is said by many people, Ashwathama still wanders in the dense forests of Lakhipur district at Uttar pradesh. Not only this, many people even commits of seeing a man who is 12 ft tall and wanders over there.

A temple called ‘Baba Lilotinath temple’, is very famous at Lakhipur. Here, a very mysterious thing happens. Everyday, before the opening of temple gates one can see the worshiped shivling!

Some rice and water can be seen on the Shivling, which was not there previous night

How Ashwathama became Immortal?

news clipping about ashwathama

news clipping about ashwathama

Being immortal is a boon, but for Aswathama it is the curse. According to legends, it was the reign of Mahabharata battle. Pandavas were winning and one by one, Kauravas were getting defeated.

Thinking of no other way left, Ashwathama decided to take revenge. In anger, he used his ‘Bramhastra’, on the fetus of Draupadi. In womb itself, he killed the baby.

By this, Lord Krishna took out his mortal gem from the forehead and cursed, that he will wander on Earth with his sins, till the end.

People of Uttar pradesh has a great belief in this thing.

What do you say now! Must be confused right.

If ever got a chance must visit this place and see the miracle of nature. Decide yourself what is right.

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