Warm up your winters with refreshing Lemon Tea

Tea is one of the most popular beverage in winters. Today we will telling you how to prepare exotic and delicious lemon tea at home.

Most of the time we have milk tea. Let us give it a change with spiced lemon tea.

You must have seen those teasellers selling lemon tea in stations and other places. It is so tasty that even kids loves to have it.

This time let us prepare it at home. It will be good from the view of health and you will feel nice that you prepared this at yourself.

It is very tasty and you will love to have it, not just a single cup but a full glass even!

So lets move to our recipe.

lemon tea

lemon tea

Ingredients for lemon tea:

  • Water- 3 cups
  • A teaspoon of tea
  • Sugar- 2 teaspoon
  • Half slices of lemon
  • Ground black pepper – 2 teaspoon
  • Black salt – 2 teaspoon

Serves- 2 cups

How to prepare :

  1. Take a sauce pan and put water, tea and sugar into it.
  2. Boil for a minute till sugar dissolve and water gets brownish color. Make sure you don’t boil it too much otherwise it will give little bitter taste.
  3. Now take 2 cups and put the spices and lemon drops equally in both.
  4. Pour the tea in both the cups and stir nicely.
  5. Serve in evening with biscuits and namkeens.
  6. It can also be given in morning with breakfast as it refresh the mood and keeps you positive.

It is best during winters and the aromatic fragrance of spices keeps you healthy and happy.

It is also a kind of appetizer and increase hunger.

Hope you like the post. Share this in all the social media and give it a try. We will be glad to know what you discovered. Share your experiences with us.

Winter season demands something tasty, hot, aromatic and healthy. Have a happy and enjoyable winters!

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