Tourism to Holy Shrine of Goddess Durga- Vaishno Devi temple

On the high ranges of Trikuta mountains, there lies a very pious and holy Shrine of Mata Rani called ‘Vaishno devi temple’. It is considered as one of the ancient temples, said as a million year old.

It is said as everyone should, visit this pious place at least once in life. Today we will be talking about the tourism and common things about Vaishno devi temple.

It is one of the prominent and dedicated temple to Goddess Durga. Instead of any idol here 3 sacred stone also called ‘pindi‘ is worshipped.

Those three pindis are said as the forms of Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi and Mahakali, which actually means Mata Rani.

vaishno devi

vaishno devi

Famous places at Vaishno Devi

On the tourism of Vaishno devi, there lies many spots which are outstanding and a kind of miracle in themselves.

bhairo baba mandir

bhairo baba mandir

  • Banganga, is a sort of waterfall river over there. It is believed, this was dug by the arrow of Mata Rani, when there was no water source nearby for Lord Hanuman. It is believed that, Mata Rani has washed her hairs in this water only.
  • Temple of Bhaironath is another distinctive point at Vaishno devi. It is 10 km away from Mata rani temple. It is a belief, if you do not visit Bhairavnath temple, when visiting to Vaishno devi, your visit will be considered incomplete.
  • Ardhkunwari cave is the cave, where Mata rani stayed for 9 months then killed Bhaironath.
  • The temple and pindis of Mata Rani is a miracle in itself. Visiting there will give you a bliss kind of feeling.

Legend of Vaishno devi

vaishnodevi pindi darshan

vaishnodevi pindi darshan

The legend of Mata Vaishno devi will fill you with enthusiasm and will mersmerize you.

Once upon a time, there lived the most devoted bhakt of Mata Rani called ‘Shridhar’. He always used to chant and worship Mata Rani. One day, on the eve of ‘kanya pujan’ during Navratra, they called 9 girls for a feast.

Among those 9, Mata rani in the form of small girl came to attend feast. After the feast, she advised  Shridhar to organize a grand feast, and invite whole village including Bhairavnath and his disciple Gorakhnath.

Thinking it Mata order, Sridhar invited everyone. With Mata’s blessing, everything went right and feast was completed with joy.

After the feast, that girl (Mata Rani) disappeared and Bhairavnath came to know, this was all goddess plan. He followed the girl, to Trikuta mountains and began to search for her.

9 months after resting in a cave, Mata came out and killed Bhairavnath. In the few minutes of life, Bhairavnath asked sorry for his deeds and regret.

Hearing to his regret words, Mata was pleased and gave him a boon that he will also be worshipped with Mata, and those who will not visit Bhairavnath temple after visiting Vaishno devi will not be blessed truly.

Vaishno devi shrine attracts thousands of devotees every year, specially during Navratras. If ever got a chance, must visit this holy place and get blessed.  JAI MATA DI!!

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