Tourism to Shaniwar Wada Fort and its Haunted beliefs

There are so many forts, palace and monuments in India, which is considered as haunted. Today we will be talking about Shaniwar Wada Fort located at Pune Maharashtra, which is a famous tourist spot.

If you are interested to know about history, legendary stories and haunted sightings; then Shaniwar Wada is best place for you to visit. It is the heritage of our country which was built in the respect to honor Peshwa Bajirao,

Idol of Bajirao outside fort

Idol of Bajirao outside fort


Things about Shaniwar Wada Fort:

Shanirwar Wada was built in 1736 in the reign of Peshwa Bajirao. At the time of Marathas it was a huge palace, with multi storied buildings and several attractions which made it auspiscious and unique.

It is a seven storied mansion and served as a seat of political power during its time. There are five gates at the fort; and nine bastions that enclosed the whole complex.

Present status of Shaniwar Wada:

The Shaniwar Wada was largely destroyed by mysterious fires in 1827, and took about 7 days to silent the fire. As a result, a large part of the palace was destroyed leaving only a few attractions for tourists.

Shaniwar Wada entry gate

Shaniwar Wada entry gate

Foremost attraction is the ‘Lotus fountain’ which is carved in the structure of a LOtus. Today it is also left with small remains. There is also a mirror hall left, which also lays a very beautiful sighting. It is also called ‘Aaina Mahal’.

Visits to Shaniwar Wada fort:

This fort is open every 7 days, and it charged 25 rupees for Indians and 125 for NRI’s. You can stay and visit the palace for 2 hour.

Lately lights and sound shows are also organised which has its own charges. It’s one of the nicest place to hangout with family and friends in weekends and in holidays.

There is a big garden type of area which is well-maintained.

How it got its name?

Shaniwar Wada; very starange and different name, isn’t it! Actually the fort got its name as it the construction was strarted on the day of Saturday only. Thus it got its name Shaniwar Wada.

Immense Love of Bajirao and Mastani:

love story of bajirao and mastani

love story of bajirao and mastani

The fort has also seen the flourished love of Peshwa Bajirao and Mastani who was a Muslim-Rajput from Bundelkhand.

Bajirao’s first wife was Kashibai, but he married again with Mastani whom he fell into love while helping them to save their kingdom ‘Bundelkhand’. Their love was immense and lasted till the end.

There is also one movie made in Bollywood called ‘Bajirao Mastani’ which has shown the love of these two, power of Marathas and everything you should know about Shaniwar wada.

Location of Shaniwar Wada Fort:

Shaniwar Wada front view

Shaniwar Wada front view

Shaniwar Wada is located at Shaniwar Peth at Pune in Maharashtra India. This monument is the architectural piece desgined as like as Maratha Empire.

Is Shaniwar Wada really haunted and what happened actually?

Do you know, such a prestigious, royalist  and a sign of bravery; this fort is Haunted! Yes, it is true. Let us know about this.

People say Shaniwar Wada is haunted by the spirit of Narayan Rao (grandson of Bajirao). At night people can hear crying and a line “Kaka, mala vachva!” which means “Uncle, save me!”

Let us know what happened actually.

Narayan Rao who was the nephew of Raghunathrao, was three brothers. Two of them died in wars. So Narayan Rao became peshwa in a very early age of 17.

killing of narayanrao

killing of narayanrao

His uncle and aunt was very angered for this. Laately his uncle was also imprisoned for some causes. Finding this bad, his aunt Anandibai decided to kill Narayan Rao.

His uncle, to secure his own release sent a message to gardi (tribal hunters) ‘Narayanrao la dhara’ which means ‘Hold Narayanrao’, But secretly Anandibai changed the words as ‘Narayanrao la mara’ which means ‘Kill Narayanrao’.

As a result, Narayanrao was brutally killed and torn into pieces. He was screaming for help from uncle as ‘Kaka Mala Vacchva’ means ‘Uncle save me’, but it failed.

They say his body was torn into pieces, kept in a vessel and was thrown into river.

Haunting insights of Narayan Rao spirit and curse:

Local people say, although there was no antim sanskar was done for NarayanRao’s body so his ghost still haunts the fort.

At midnight one can also hear the lines ‘Kaka Mala Vacchva’  screaming from inside.There is also one another thing that haunts the fort.

It is the curse given by the childhood friend of Kashibai, when her husband was killed by Peshwa Bajirao thinking it as snoop.

She cursed that Shaniwar Wada will never flourish and will stay betrayed.

Same happened, as just after its construction within an year Peshwa Bajirao died. Afterthat, bloodshed and such things was common due to betrayed blood relations and ike that.

Hope this post was interesting and knowledgeable for you.  This is really a heritages place which must be visited, if got a chance.

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