Theory things about Roller Skating every sport lover should know

Love to skate and feel as feet have turned to wheels! Roller skating is not just a sport, it’s a kind of hobby. Today lets talk about it in description and what theory says.

History of Roller Skating:

A Belgian invented named Joseph Merlin was the first recognized inventor of roller skates. He produced the roller skates with metal wheels in 1760.

His introduction to the sport was amazing one! He wore his skates to a party in London, where he crashed into a very expensive mirror.

roller skating

Later on, many inventors took the idea and different types of skates were produced. But all suffered from the same problem of, unable to stop and brake.

James Plimpton, a New Yorker solved the problem in 1863. He invented roller skates that could turn. This was a great advancement in the field of skating.  Later on roller hockey etc were invented.

Current status of Roller skating:

Roller skating is recognized as a sport by Government of India. It is now a regular discipline of School Games Federation of India and CBSE, New Delhi. The Roller Skating Federation of India has conducted 44 national championship by the year 2006-07.


  • Asian Roller Skating Speed Championship
  • National Roller skating Speed championship
  • National school games
  • World Roller Skating speed championship
  • Pan-American Games

Fundamental Skills of skating:

  1. Walking on skates
  2. Dragging on skates
  3. Gliding on skates
  4. Rolling on skates

Sports Awards

  • Mr. Naman Parekh is the only Arjuna Awardee who won gold medal in Asian Championship.
  • Sahil has been honoured with Bhim Award by Government of Haryana.

Terminologies related to Roller skating:

Quad skates, Inline roller skates, starting line, elimination races, clap skates, free skating, group skating, wrist guard, time trials.

General rules of Speed skating:

  • A race course may be either a track or road course.
  • The complete length of a track cannot be less than 200 m and not longer than 400 m. The minimum width must be 6 m.
  • The finishing line must be marked with a white line, 5cm wide.
  • Tracks should be banking at the bends.

Things about skates:

Skates having a maximum of six wheels fastened in line are permitted for speed skating. The maximum diameter of wheel must not exceed 60-100 mm.

The length of the skate mat not exceed 50 cm. Skates must be attached to the shoes and axles are not to protrude from the wheels. Brakes are not allowed in skates.

So these were the common things about roller skating. It is an easy and inexpensive entertainment. It is an enjoyable as well as adventurous sport.

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