Temple which is beyond the understanding of Science: Mehandipur balaji temple

India is called the land of temples! There are many temples in India which is even far beyond the understanding of Science. Today we will be talking about such a temple which falls in this category only. This is Mehandipur balaji temple.

Where this temple is located?

Mehandipur Balaji temple is situated at Dausa district at Rajasthan. The temple is located between two mountains, which is also called Mehanduipur ghati. 

Mehandipur Balaji temple

Lord Hanuman for fearless and strength:

There is a sentence in Hanuman Chalisa “Bhoot pishach nikat nahi aawe, mahaveer jab naam sunawe. It means, when Lord Hanuman is there, there can’t be any difficulties and probelms.

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is known as the immortal god and was blessed to stay on earth till the end of the era! That is why, our elders suggest to chant Hanuman Chalisa to overcome fear, negativity and any kind of problems. 

In the temple of Balaji, Lord Hanuman in his childhood form with Bhairo baba and Pretraj sarkar is worshipped. 

Ghost Exorcism in the Temple:

The Temple of Mehandipur balaji is famous for its exorcism process! The whole environment is filled with the screems, shouts and with scary noises of the victims! Here nor any priest neither any such experts do the exorcism. 

Exorcism in Balaji temple

Here the victims are relieved just by the blessing of Lord Hanuman. After entering the temple premises, the victims start shouting in fear. Here the patients affected with ghosts, negative energies and other chronic illnesses like T.B, mental issues, paralysis etc too receive great blessings. 

Shree Balaji idol

Timings and pooja in temple:

  1. Every day at 5 am in the morning, the daily routine of the temple starts. At first, balaji maharaj is given a bath with gangajal and then chola (sindoor) is offered to the God. 
  2. Afterwards aarti begins at devotes too starts chanting ‘Jai Balaji maharaj’. The whole Mehandipur ghati gets filled with the chants of Balaji. 
  3. Tuesday and Saturday is the most crowded days in the temple. Devotees from all over the world visits here. 
  4. Laddus is offered as prashad to Balaji mahaaraj, whereas Bhairo baba is offerd rice and Pretraj sarkar is offered urad.  

Things you should remember at the Temple:

  • The temple premises is filled with bad souls and atmas, so don’t look back if you feel some stranger is calling you taking your name. 
  • While returning, dont take anything from the temple except the prashad packets. 
  • As you enter the place, stay away from onon, garlic, non-vegetarian and other things which are not permitted according to holy place. 
  • Don’t chat or talk anything without any reason at the temple. 
temple idols
temple idols

This is really a very nice a holy place to visit. Even doctors and scientists to believe that there is something in Mehandipur Balaji temple which is wordless. 

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