Temple which gets closed after sunset- Nidhivan temple

Have you seen any temple which gets closed after sunset! Sounds different na, but its true. There is a temple called ‘Nidhivan temple’ at Vrindavan which has the same peculiar characteristics.

Nidhivan temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna is one of the mysterious temples of India. It looks like simple one, but has many mysteries related to it.

Mystery of Nidhivan temple:

I guess this is the only temple of India, which gets closed after sunset. After ‘sandhya aarti‘, not only humans but every living creature like birds, monkeys etc leaves the place.

One more mystery here is bent and downward facing trees. The temple premises is full of trees. These trees are not ordinary, not even a single tree is straight standing.

bent trees of nidhivan

bent trees of nidhivan

Mystery of Bent trees:

The most fascinating thing about those trees are, they are fully hollow but still are evergreen. The land there is dry, without any water source but still the trees looks green.

Birds don’t make nests on any branch. It is said, those trees are bowing the holy land where the presence of Lord Krishna is always there.

It is also said, those trees are the forms of ‘gopis‘, and every evening they becomes the part of  that great ‘raasleela‘ which takes place in Nidhivan temple.

Biggest Mystery of Nidhivan temple:

radha krishna

radha krishna

Now what we are going to tell you will fill you with shocks and you will be amazed! Get ready guys, you eyes are going to get bigger and bigger.

After the sunset, temple is closed till sunrise. Not only this, all the houses around the temple get their windows closed after ‘sandhya aarti’.

It is said and believed at the stroke of midnight, a Maharaasleela takes place where Lord Krishna along with Radha and all gopis perform raasleela. Isn’t it strange.

Many people have also heard the chants of ‘ghunghru‘ outside the temple.

Has anyone tried to find out the miracle there?

rang mahal nidhivan

rang mahal nidhivan

Staying there a night, and finding out what happens actually is very easy. Isn’t it! No. It is the biggest trouble to hand. Many people with same curiosity has tried to find out, they stayed at temple for night.

The results were terrific, either they become mad, not able to describe what they saw or died. No one in this world is so lucky, to have a glimpse of this Maharaasleela.

Proofs of Shri krishna arrivals:

So what’s the proof that raasleela takes place and Shrikrishna with Radha Rani arrives there? Before the closing of the temple, priests place some ‘paan leaves’, laddus, some water and a silk bed fully adorned.

Next morning, everything looks scattered with a feel as someone has arrived here. Inside the temple, there is a small ‘kund‘ which is believed to be dug by Shree Krishna itself, to quench the thirst of Radha Rani.

The biggest beautifying thing here is, the idol of Shri Krishna and Radha Rani. On a single stone, the portrait of both is carved. This idol is not man-made, it is produced from the holy land of Nidhivan temple.

Those who have faith in supernatural powers, will surely feel some energy here. Everyday hundreds of devotees visit here. The best time to visit is at morning 4 a.m, the temple is opened at this time and one can have the glimpse with own eyes.

After worshipping, devotees dance all around the temple representing the raasleela. The whole environment fills with enthusiasm and positivity.

If ever got a chance, must visit this place and feel the presence of almighty lord over there.

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