Tangy and Tasty Sattu Sharbat for healthy body

Hey friends, let’s talk about a drink enriched with health and taste. It is Sattu Sharbat. We will be preparing it in salty flavor which is tangy and yummy.

As the drink, we mostly prefer soft drinks, soda water, mojito etc. We all must know, these things contains high amounts of sugar and additives which are not safe for health.

sattu sharbat

sattu sharbat

Today we will be talking about a ‘desidrink which has no such additions and simply a boon for health.

This is Sattu drink or Sattu Sharbat.

Types of Sattu Sharbat :

It is prepared in two ways, one sweet and another in salty flavor. Today we will be preparing it in salty flavor which is tangy and yummy as well.

roadside stalls sellig sattu sharbat

roadside stalls sellig sattu sharbat

Best time to have Sattu Sharbat :

Sattu Sharbat is a famous summer drink in the areas of Jharkhand and Bihar.

Although Sattu, which is made using roasted chickpeas is famous and available in those regions.

A glass of thick Sattu Sharbat acts as a full meal and keeps you full. It also keeps your body cool thus best during summers.

Let us move on to recipe.

Ingredients required:

  1. Sattu powder- 4 tablespoon
  2. Finely chopped onion – 1
  3. Chopped green chillies– 2
  4. A handful of chopped coriander
  5. Water- 2 glasses
  6. Jeera powder- 2 teaspoon
  7. Black salt- 2 teaspoon
  8. Jaljeera powder – 2 teaspoon
  9. Plain salt – 1 teaspoon
  10. Ice cubes- 2
sattu flour

sattu flour

How to prepare this?

  • Take a blending jar or bottle.
  • Put all the ingredients in it except the ice cubes.
  • Blend well so that all the things gets mixed together.
  • Take out in beautiful glasses.
  • Put ice cubes in top and serve chilled.


  1. You can differ the quantity of sattu as per your taste and desired consistency.
  2. For a refreshing taste, some twigs of mint can also be added in it.
  3. If you want to prepare it sweet just add sattu with water and sugar.
  4. For a nice flavor, you can first roast sattu then make sattu sharbat.
  5. It can be served during summers to keep away sun strokes and excessive body heat.

Prepare this at home and let us know what you discovered. Do comment on comment section and share the post in all the social medias.

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