Story of Meera Bai: The name that comes after Radha

Everybody knows about the divine love of Shree Krishna and Radha, but do you know the Immortal love of Meerabai for Lord Krishna. Meera Bai is the name which comes after the name of Radha Rani. 

Meerabai was not any goddess or belonged to any prophet parts. She was a normal girl, but her everlasting and unstoppable love for Kanha Ji made her called as the second love of Lord Krishna.

Today let us know about the story of Meera Bai and her life.

Story of Meera Bai:



Meera Bai was born in Merta at Rajasthan. Her father was Ratan Singh and Meerabai’s mother deceased in very early age. They belonged to Rajput family and at that times, those were very strict and bonded with rules.

After growing up, Meera Bai was married with Maharana Bhojraj who was the prince of Udaipur.

Immense love for Lord Krishna in Meera Bai:

The love for Lord Krishna sprouted in Meera Bai when she was very small. One day a groom Barat was passing from Merka, including all other kids little meera was also looking at the Barat.

Then suddenly she asked her mother, “Mother, what is this celebration and who is that person?” In this Meera’s mother replied, “This is Barat and that person in Groom going to get married”.

With a keen interest, meera asked, “Mother who is my groom?” In this, mother pointed to Lord Krishna’s idol and said: “Look he is your groom”. This was the incident that got embedded into Meera’s heart and made her filled with Krishna love.

After this Meera Bai used to spend all her time with that Krishna idol. She used to eat, play and sleep with the idol only.

What happened to Meera Bai later after?

lord krishna devotion

lord krishna devotion

The in-laws of Meera Bai didn’t like the love for Lord Krishna. Soon after the marriage, Bhoj raj expired! The in-laws also tried for ‘Sati pratha’ for meera but she refused.

After this, Meera’s love for Kanha Ji went to an extreme. She used to sing, chant mantras, sit with priests in temples. Her in-laws were fed up of this. They even tried to kill Meera, but everytime by the grace of Lord Krishna she was saved.

When they tried to give her poison, it became a cup of milk. When they sent a bouquet with poisonous serpents, it became flute of Lord Krishna.

Meera was no longer happy to stay at Medak, so she left the place and went to Vrindavan and later Dwarka. Everytime she used to sing for Kanha Ji, chant, do aarti and was fully immersed in the devotion of Lord Krishna.

In her devotion, she also wrote many poems and other paragraphs about Lord Krishna. Once when she was sitting in a temple near Krishna ji idol, she disappeared near the idol and went with his Krishna.

People say with the body itself, she went abode to her beloved Kanha Ji.

Her love and devotion of Lord Krishna were immense! 

May be in Dwaparug gopis were there who loved krishna immensely, but in Kaliyug nobody can beat Meera’s love.

So this was the story of Meera Bai and her love for Lord Krishna. Share the post to all and also share your comments with us.


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