Stay warm in winters with Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

Winter season has arrived. Those freezing winds have enveloped our whole world. In this shivering and cool climate, a bowl of hot soup is best.Today we will be preparing Sweet corn chicken soup.

Why one should have soup?

Soups are those Chinese dishes which are liked by all. Being tasty and easily digestible, soups are a like a bowl of complete nutrition.

Soups acts as hunger booster and an appetizer. It keeps you warm and strengthens your metabolism.
A bowl of soup is best choice during winters. Soups are made from many ingredients and condiments. Some examples are like; Tomato soup, hot and sour soup, man chow soup, spinach soup, thick chicken soup and so on.

Benefits of Soups:

Soups are rich in water content; hence it prevents winter dehydration and keeps you fit. It has also rich amount of vegetables simmered in it, thus provides all the essential vitamins and minerals to you.

How can it be served?

Soups can be served as a snack, starter dish or as mid-lunch. Soups are delicious, healthy and contains a minimal amount of fats and oils.

Today, we are here to prepare one of the yummiest and sweet soups called “Sweet corn chicken soup”. This is a very tasty and healthy kind of soup.

It has richness of sweet corn with a lingering addition of chicken slices in it. Although, this soup can also be served for vegetarians, just we need to subtract chicken and albumin from it.

sweet corn chicken soup

sweet corn chicken soup

So guys, let’s move towards our delicious soup preparation:-

Ingredients for Sweet corn chicken soup-

  • Green shallots- 6
  • Corn flour- 2 tablespoons
  • Egg whites- 2
  • Sliced pieces of chicken- ½ bowl
  • Sweet corn cream- 1 bowl
  • Salt- as per usage
  • Ginger paste- ½ teaspoon
  • White pepper– 1 tablespoon
  • Sesame oil- 1 tablespoon
  • Sweet corn kernels- ¼ bowl
  • Chopped spring onions– 2 tablespoon
  • Chopped cabbage– ½ tablespoon
  • Chopped green chilies- 1
  • Chopped cilantro for garnishing
  • Water- as per usage
  • Chili sauce- ½ tablespoon

Method to prepare Sweet corn chicken soup-

  1. In a pan, add 1 cup of water with chili sauce and let it boil for a minute. After that add the sliced chicken to it and in a low flame let it simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  2. As the chicken get cooked, keep them aside as the chicken and water separately.
  3. In an another pan or copper base bowl mix the chicken water, sesame oil, sweet corn kernels, chopped cabbage, green chilies, white pepper, ginger paste, corn flour and water.
  4. In a medium flame, stir all the ingredients thoroughly and cover the lid, cook them for 10 minutes.
  5. After that add the sweet corn cream, salt and chopped green shallots to it. Again cook them for 5 minutes.
  6. As a semi- liquid texture of the soup appears, softly pour the egg whites in a decorative way.
  7. Mix it little and after it is done, turn off the flame.
  8. Serve hot in a Chinese bowl. Garnish it with, chopped cilantro and chopped spring onions. Enjoy…

So guys, this was our preparation of “Sweet corn chicken soup”. You don’t need to be so serious and strict about its preparation.

You can also use some ingredients and condiments of your choice. Like you can use, carrots, beans, red chili powder, cumin powder for it. It all depends on your taste.

This winter, be fit and stay healthy. Eat well and live well.

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