Secret behind Immortal Pigeons of Amarnath temple

You must have heard about Amarnath cave and its sacredness. It is one of the most pious and holy shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Today we will be telling you the secret behind Immortal Pigeons of Amarnath temple.

Secret behind Immortal Pigeons of Amarnath temple

Amarnath temple is located at high range of Himalayas, which is sacred in itself. According to religious scriptures and Shiv Mahapuran, Amarnath cave is the place choosen by Lord shiva to narrate the secrets of immortality, to Goddess Parvati.

amarnath temple

amarnath temple

Thus this place is called Amarnath cave; and is a religious place in Hinduism.

Every year, thousands of devotees visit Amarnath temple, to get the glimpse of Ice lingam of Lord Shiva and get the blessings. The formation of ice lingam at Amarnath temple, is unique and miracle in this world.

Ice Lingam at Amarnath temple:

Every year as a miracle of nature, an ice lingam forms inside the cave; representing Lord Shiva. The height varies; sometime it even reaches to 10-15 ft.

Apart from this, two other ice lingam are also there; representing Mata parvati and Lord Ganesha.

amarnath cave

amarnath cave

Story of Amarnath Temple:

According to the texts described, Lord Shiva was asked by Goddess Parvati to disclose the secrets of immortality. At first, he refused but being forced by wife, he agreed.

For this, Amarnath cave was choosed as the right place. Before reaching there, Lord Shiva discarded all the five elements of life; Nandi, son Ganesha, moon, Goddess Ganga, serpant and all those living things.

After reaching the cave, fire was set all around the place, so that no living things retain, and the discussion between two remain as secret.

Between the narration of secrets, Goddess Parvati slept. Coincidently, there were two eggs at the cave, eggs are considered neither living nor non-living. thus those were not harmed by the fire.

At the same time, the eggs were hatched and unknowingly two pigeons heard the secrets. After looking at those hatched eggs, Lord Shiva blessed the pigeons with the boon of mortality and thus those pigeons are always there.

It is said, the glimpse of two pigeons after reaching Amarnath temple, is very sacred and a kind of bless.

If ever got a chance, must visit this miracle place and get thee blessings of Lord Shiva. Hope you  like the post, share it to all and do not forget to leave a comment here.

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