Scary things about deepest place on Earth- Mariana Trench

Do you love about mysteries. bewildering things and new discoveries! Then this topic is best for you. Hi guys, today we will be talking about the most scariest and the mysterious place on earth called Mariana Trench. 

Sea and Oceans are always the abode of mysteries and interesting things. Apart from its beauty, it has numerous things hidden which has always been a question to science.

Even after so many researches and discoveries, they say scientists has discovered only a few percent of the ocean, rest are yet to be introduced!

Oceans: Beauty or Mystery-

Sea beaches, dolphins, pearls in sea etc are the things that people loves about the sea. But do you know, far beneath inside, these sea and oceans has hidden many untold truth that can be mind-illusioning!

About Mariana Trench:

mariana trench depth

mariana trench depth

Now let’s come back to our topic. Everybody knows the highest place on earth is Mount Everest, but do you know which is the deepest place on earth.

Yes, it is Mariana Trench!

Where it is located?

Mariana trench

Mariana trench

This place is located near the Mariana Island of the Pacific Ocean. It is a V  shaped structure inside the ocean which is about 1500 km long and 11000 metres inside. It is so deep, that even if you put the whole Mount Everest inside, it will get immersed easily!

Discoveries in Mariana Trench:

Scientists believed that in such deep place, there can’t be possibility of life in such high atmospheric pressure. But later on with the progress of researches, it was found that there is life and the number of living organisms are much more than it was thinker.

The atmospheric pressure there is 1100 times much than the normal sea level, where an iron rod can also be twisted easily. There were many living beings, which were not even recognized by scientists.

Megalodon size

Megalodon size

Scariest part of Mariana Trench:

After all these discoveries, an American group decided to conduct a research there. They send a ball-shaped device inside which was meant to know new things about Mariana Trench.

As the device entered to the Trench, it started recording very scary and mysterious sounds. The crew members decided to take out the device from the sea.

As they tried, their jaw dropped as computers show that the device is stacked! Some very strong force is holding it! AFter 3-4 hours of trials, finally the device came on the ocean surface.

Crew members noticed, that many steel belts were broken and there were scratched of biting on the device.

What official version says?

Althrough the official version of the reasearch says, that the device was stuck between rocks and mountains which caused the damage.

Most amazing thing is that, the place where the research was conducted was barren and no such structures was there. Biologists believe it is all the attack of an ancient Shark ‘Megalodon’.

It was a giant shark weighing about 50 tons and 1100 metres. It is now extinct! But biologists claim, the Megalodon is still alive and somewhere in the depths of Mariana Trench.

Hope you found this post informative! WHat do you say about these discoveries. Do comment us and do not forget to share it in all the social medias. 

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