Prepare Indian Sweet Recipe of Milk Peda

Hey guys, today my blog is on food section continuing with an Indian sweet called “Milk peda”. It is a subcontinental sweet which is liked by all. Let us see how to prepare it. 

Milk Peda sweet is highly nutritious as it its major ingredient is milk itself. Today I am here with a sweet item because of our upcoming festival “Diwali”.

Diwali is regarded as the festival of lights and sweets. In this very festival, everyone likes to have sweets. Sweet items symbolize happiness. During diwali, sweet shops are crowded with customers.

milk peda

milk peda

Now-a-days, because of greed most of the shopkeepers are liable for the addition of preservatives, tartars, detergents, blotting paper etc in sweets. These things are very harmful for health.

So, delight your family with health and happiness by preparing sweets at home. Milk peda is the second most favorite sweet during diwali. Laddu is the first choice in the occasion. So let’s move towards the preparation methods of Milk peda:-

Ingredients for Milk Peda-

  • Milk- 6 cups
  • Sugar- 1cup
  • Cardamom powder- 2 tablespoon
  • Sliced pistachio- 10-12
  • Condensed milk– 2 tablespoon
  • Ghee- 1 tablespoon

Methods to prepare Milk Peda-

preparation of peda

preparation of peda

  1. In a wide base vessel (Nonstick or normal), add ghee and heat it in a medium flame.
  2. Add cardamom powder, milk and condensed milk in it.
  3. In a low flame, stir the contents continuously so that it gets thick and a sweet smell arises.
  4. This batter should not have any lumps and thick as ‘khoya’ or dough.
  5. Again, add two tablespoon of milk and make it condensed.
  6. Keep the peda batter aside, so that it gets cool.
  7. Now, knead the peda dough smoothly and cover it with soft cloth for 10 minutes so that the dough gets soft and fluffy.
  8. After that, apply some ghee on your palm and take lemon size peda dough and make a perfect round peda.
  9. Now, make an impression with the thumb in the centre and decorate two slices of pistachios in each peda.
  10. Your milk peda is ready. If wished, you can store these in an air-tight container.

So, in this way we came to know the cooking method of Milk peda.

Decoration of Milk peda:

You can use some other dry fruits or cherry for the decoration of peda. If you want a designed surface, then you can use sharp knife to cut at the edges.

Or, in markets some special kitchen equipments are available to give a willing shape to your sweet.
Enjoy your diwali festival with lots of sweets and lightings. Be safe and live happily.

Give this a try and please share your experiences with us.

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