How to prepare fresh and healthy paneer at home

Paneer or cheese is one of the important material used in vegetarian cooking. Everytime we buy paneer from outside. Let us prepare this at home. Buying from outside in packets looks unsatisfactory and unhealthy too. It’s good to prepare it at home from the health point of view.

paneer homemade


In many news clippings and hoardings,  you must have observed adulterations done in preparing milk products. They add various other substances which are not good for health.

Why to risk our and our family’s lives! Today we will be telling you how to prepare paneer with milk. It has a very easy preparation and gets ready within 20 minutes.

All you will need is-

  • Boiled full cream milk– 1 liter
  • Few drops of lemon or curd water

How to prepare paneer?

preparation of paneer

preparation of paneer

  1. Make sure that the milk is boiled. Re-boil it and as it starts boiling, put a few drops of lemon into the milk and stir.
  2. You will notice milk and water is getting separated and milk is getting sedimeted in lumpy form.
  3. Just turn off the flame and let it set still for 3 minutes.
  4. After that you will notice water will come cup and all the milk solids will sit on the bottom.
  5. Now take a soft cotton cloth, make sure it is clean.
  6. Strain the thing over it and the milk solids will be strained.
  7. Squeeze out all the water and tie a knot like a bag (potli).
  8. Place it on a clean surface and put some heavy thing such as grinding rock or pressure cooker over it and let it get the shape for 4-5 minutes.
  9. After that take out the cloth nd open the knot You will observe the paneer is ready and set.
  10. If you notice it little soft, then simply refrigerate for a few minutes.
  11. It will get its nice shape.

Your paneer is ready. Cut into desired shapes and cook as per your choice. You will notice the taste and texture will differ from those of market ones.

Hope you like the post. Give it a try and do share your experiences with us!

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