Powerful Shaktipeeth of Mata Sati: Kamakhya Temple

There are many temples in India which gives a tough challenge to science! Today we will be talking about one of the Shakipeeth called Kamakhya Temple at Assam. This temple is full of wonders and has been attracting people all over the world!

Shaktipeeth; is the holy place where some parts of Mata Sati fell down. These are regarded as immense powerful and the presence of Shiva and Shakti. There are 52 Shaktipeeth, among which Kamakhya temple is the one.

Where it is located?

Kamakhya temple

Kamakhya temple

Kamakhya Temple or Kamrup-Kamakhya is located at the high ranges of Nilanchal mountain in Guwahati, Assam. The temple is dedicated to the mother goddess Kamakhya which is the form of Goddess Durga.

Structure of the temple:

Whole temple is made in three parts; in the first part very few people are allowed. In the second part which is the main, people gets the glimpse of Mata Kamakhya in the ‘yoni‘ form. This place is regarded as the oldest of all the shakipeeth, however due to a curse by some saint, the greatness got faded.

kamakhya temple front view

kamakhya temple front view

Later on again the temple continued its construction and now it is a great spot of pilgrimage.

Speciality and things about Kamakhya Temple:

There are many things about the temple which makes it peculiar and great. Following are the things of Kamakhya temple which makes it great and auspicious.

grabhagriha of temple

grabhagriha of temple

  • As like other temple no such flowers, fruits or sweets are offered as prashad. Here as prashad item, a wet red cloth is given which is also called ‘ambuvachi vastra’.
  • In the temple, there is no idols of Goddess! The iconography of Maa Kamakhya is there in the form of a curved rock which looks like ‘yoni‘.
  • By a natural water fall, the end of the yoni is always wet. People also says, during ambuvachi festival the water flowing gets red.
  • People say the water infront of mata’s yoni is medicinal and can be use to treat a number of disorders.
  • This temple represents the power and respect of a female.
  • Kamakhya temple is considered as the land of tantricks ad aghoris. In ambuvachi festival, aghoris and trantricks from all over the India participates here.
  • Those who are suffering from black magics, can be relieved here.

Important festivals in Kamakhya temple:

Here Ambuvachi festival is celebrated in a grand way. It depicts the menstruation of Maa Kamakhya which is decided in accordance to tithi. It is celebrated for three days, and on thses days the temple gates are closed.

Some white cloths are put in front of mata’s yoni before closing the gates. After 3 days when the gate is opened the cloths are seen red that is only distributed among devotees as Prasad.

ambuvachi mela

ambuvachi mela

Many other festivals like Mansa pooja, Durga pooja etc are also celebrated here.

How Brahmaputra river gets red in Ambuvachi festival?

One of the most fascinating thing about the temple which make your eyes open bigger! People says, during the ambuvachi festival which remarks the menstruation of Maa Kamakhya, nearby situated Brahmaputra river gets red.

Experts and other says, it can be due to the blood from the ‘bali‘ given of cattles and animals. It is also said, during the festival a huge amount of ‘sindoor‘ is thrown in the river which gives it red color.

Kamakhya temple is really a very nice place to visit. If you have already visited the temple do share your experiences with us.

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