Possibilities that proves Megalodon Shark is still alive!

The largest living creature on earth is Blue Whale. But what if something much fierce, terrifying and largest of this creature too! Yes, today we will be talking about Megalodon which was considered as the monster of oceans.

Megalodon and other sharks:

size of sharks

size of sharks

Shark is a carnivore fish which hunts very minutely. In the current date, Great White Shark is the largest shark of all which measures about 20-30 feet in length. But do you know about 2.6 million years ago there was a species of shark which was known as the monster shark!

Megalodon shark

Megalodon shark

This shark grew up to 60 feet in length and had about 200 teeth which were about 6 inches each! It’s biting force was so high, that can easily break turtle shell-like a small biscuit! Megalodon is regarded as the most powerful predators ever lived!

In simple words, you can simply increase the size of today’s shark for about 20 times! Such a fierce creature it was.

How Megalodon extinct?

When talking about Dinosaurs, they finished due to a big asteroid attack. Megalodon was a very powerful species,  but how did it extinct? In spite of lots of researches done, it is yet not concluded how this species of shark got extinct.

However many studies say that Megalodon shark needs a large amount of food to stay alive. When there was a lack of marine animals in the ocean, these species tend to get extinct. Many studies also say, when glaciers began to melt the temperature of oceans decreased making it unsuitable for Megalodon to survive.

Proves that Megalodon can still be alive:

teeth of Megalodon shark

teeth of Megalodon shark

Oh goodness, doesn’t it sounds scary that such a monster shark can still be alive! But there are some facts and things that proves that this monster shark can still be somewhere in oceans.

  1. While doing researches in oceans, divers found a very big tooth which was about 8 inches tall; far beyond than those of great white. They were sure that it must be of Megalodon, but scientists thought it must be millions of years old when these sharks survived.
    After the carbon dating, an eye-opener fact came out which proved it is not millions but only a few thousands year old! It simply proves that somewhere this monster shark is still alive.
  2. Scientists also say it must be there in the depths of Mariana Trench in the Pacific ocean. The temperature in the depths of Mariana Trench is quite higher, which is perfect for the Megalodon. In the challenger’s depths, they also found some of the evidence of Megalodon sharks.
  3. Some of the fishermen who hunt around the Pacific oceans also say, in the area around Mariana island, there are no fish or any sea animals. It can be a very giant fish or carnivore which are gulping them down.
  4. Some of the divers also say they have noticed a big shark around 50 feet which can’t be the great white. It can probably be the monster shark.

All these things prove that this Megalodon is not just a fiction or tale. It’s real and still somewhere in the depths of Mariana Trench.

It must have undergone the evolution and adapted himself in the environment of Mariana Trench.

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