Pamper your beauty with homemade rose water

Beautiful as roses! Since from a longer time, a beautiful face has been compared with a fresh rose. Rose water has lots of benefits for skin. Still you are buying it from market! Make your own  at home.Hey girls, this blog is specially meant for you! Everyone of you must be using rose water in face packs, moisturizing scrubs etc. It has many other usages too like as an essence in food, like the perfume, freshener and many more.

Rose water available at market:

market available rose water

market available rose water

Can you guarantee, the gulab jal that you buy outside is really a beauty enhancer! Do they really have the rose essence and are meant to care your skin? Silence everywhere……

Of course not, let me tell you the reality of market manufactured gulab Jal

Rose water; perfumed or essences!

They prepare gulab jal just with a tint of glycerin and rose fragrance in it. Those are artificial, just having the scent of rose that makes you feel as you are using real gulab jal.

Don’t go on the attractive packing and mesmerizing advertising! Why not to prepare this at home! It has a very easy process and is pocket friendly even.

Homemade rose water for beauty:

Homemade Rose Water

Homemade Rose Water

Let us prepare rose water at home. It is quite easier to prepare and will give you the feel of real roses!

Without any preservative and addition, it will make you feel as you are in some rose garden and act like the aromatherapy! Let’s begin.


  1. Take 20-25 petals of fresh red or pink roses.
  2. Soak these in 2 glasses of water for two hours.
  3. Now make these boil till water gets half.
  4. Put a few drops of glycerin of lemon in it.
  5. Store in an airtight bottle and use within a week.
  6. For better results refrigerate it.
  7. If you skin is sensitive you should use lemon, or if it is dry you should go for glycerin.

Uses of Rose water:

  • Multani mitti mixed with rose water, makes the best face pack for oily skin.
  • Apply the water on face with cotton balls. Let it sit for a while and then apply sone cream or moisturizer. Your skin will glow and will also protect from chemicals mixed in makeup.
  • It is a good makeup remover.
  • If applying henna on hairs, use rose water instead of plain water.
  • You can also put a few caps of gulab jal in sauna bath. It will work like aromatherapy.

So this was the gulab jal uses and preparations.

Hope you like the post. Share it to all and do share your comments with us. Stay beautiful and live happy!

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