No cook Travel Recipe of Makhana Porridge for babies

Travelling with kids is a big hectic! Specially when it comes about their food then we mums get very worried. If you are also travelling with a small baby, then here comes no cook Makhana porridge only for you.

Makhana, Fox nuts or Lotus seeds; known by many other names this thing is one of the best foods in the world. From a baby to grandpas, makhana is a very best and healthy item to be added in daily diet.

Now-a-days, kids hesitates to eat something like porridge or eat only a few spoons! Are those few spoons adequate to fulfil their nutritional requirements? This is the headache of all the mums of kids below 6.

Tasty Makhana porridge

Tasty Makhana porridge

Hey mums we have a aspirin for you in the form of ‘Makhana porridge or kheer’. It is a very healthy thing and calorie dense as well.
Here we will be telling you traveling recipe of makhana porridge.

Here you have to prepare some more baby food, to give baby in journey and when you don’t have time to cook.

How to prepare the Makhana Porridge powder?

Roasting makhana

Roasting makhana

  • Take 2 cups of makhanas and cut them into two pieces, in order to check no worm or dirt is there.
  • Dry roast them in a low flame so that they gets golden brown in colour.
  • Now in a mixer grinder grind to form a powder.
  • If you see some granules, then sieve it to obtain a fine powder.
  • Store in an airtight container and here you go with your healthy and no cook baby food.

How to serve this?

  • Take a cup of hot water or milk and put a tablespoon of makhana powder into it.
  • You can add some sugar candy or jaggery for the taste.
  • Mix well. And within few minutes healthy makhana porridge is ready.

Tips for giving makhana porridge:

  1. It is a brilliant way to give healthy food to the baby while travelling. For toddlers, you can also add some cashews and pistachios while roasting the makhanas.
  2. It will make it much healthy and good for growing kids.
  3. Foxnuts are hot in nature, so make sure you give in right amount. If the weather is hot, then you can give in small amounts mixed with other cereals to make the porridge calorie dense.

Hope you find the post useful. If you have any question regarding this then do ask in comments. Till then, take care and live well!

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