Mystery behind the Dagger of Egyptian pharaoh: Tutankhamun

The land of Egypt is famous for lots of mysteries. Today we will be telling you about one of the most cursed and mysterious Kings of Egypt ‘Tutankhamun‘ and things about its dagger. Let’s see this. 

When we take the name ‘Egypt‘, the images of pyramids and statue of Giza comes to our minds. This is just an example of the mystery of land Egypt! Time to time several discoveries and archeological findings happens, which proves Egypt as really the land of mysteries.

Things about Tutankhamun:

tutankhamun mummy coffin

tutankhamun mummy coffin

Tutankhamun used to rule Egypt, about 3000 years back. At the very small age of 8, he was given the throne. That time kings were called Pharoah in Egypt.

He died when he was just 19 years old. Archeological findings and several studies were done on the mummy of Tutankhamun reveals that he died was not natural.

It may be some murder or he must have met an accident. After the research done on the tombs, mummy and other structures of Tutankhamun; they say this Pharoah was really mysterious and can be said as the most cursed.

They also found a treasure where a curse was written; “those who will disturb the peace of king will die”. Surprisingly, all the members of the team met an accident or died due to some very unusual reasons.

Dagger of Tutankhamun:

dagger of Tutankhamun

dagger of Tutankhamun

In the findings, archeologists got a very antique and tough dagger of pharoah. After studying the daggers, some very eye-opener facts came out which are listed below-

  • The dagger was made with such tough material which is not in this whole world! Isn’t surprising.
  • Scientists reveal it must be made of some meteorite which was gifted by aliens to the king!
  • Since from a long time, pyramids and the mysteries of Egypt have been combined with aliens!
  • They say it must be the aliens who created that dagger for the pharaoh.

Egypt is really a land of surprises and mysteries. This pharoah was the most mysteries Pharoah of Egypt. Hope you find the post interesting and knowledgeable. Share your comments with us! Take care and live well.

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