Mystery about the Boiling river of Amazon Forests

Hello everyone, everyone of us knows about Amazon forests. It is the most dense and the largest forest ever seen. It is also called Amazon Rain-forests which has numerous mysteries and bewildering things hidden in it. Today we will be talking about the Boiling River at Amazon forests.

Amazon which actually comes under the Peru forests; can also be said as forest of terror and mysteries.

Facts about Amazon Forests:

animals in amazon forests
  • Amazon forests are the most dangerous and densest forests, where trees are so dense and tall that even sunlight can’t enter there.
  • The forest is so dense that when it rains, it takes about 10 minutes for the rainwater to enter the earth surface.
  • Talking about animals, then in simple words, you can say; the world’s fiercest, dangerous and terrifying animals are found here. Bullet ant, giant centipede, poisonous frogs, anacondas etc are the natives of this place.
  • In the forests of Amazon, there are many tribals people too whih are actually the cannibals. People who visits there, if encountered to those can face difficulty to save their lives.

Boiling River of Amazon Forests:

amazon forests

This boiling river is about 6.4 meters in length and is 82 feet wide. It is 20 feet in depth. It was discovered by Andres Ruzo who claimed that river is always in the temperature of between 80-100 C.

Any animal or being who fall in this are simply boiled living, which is a very terrifying scene. One cannot escape from the river after being fallen.

What do Geologists say about the Boiling river?

Boiling river

Scientists and Geologists did many researches on this river about its boiling. They say such boiling water is found in places which is near to volcanic areas.

But surpsising this is, this boiling river of Amazon is about 700 kms away from nearest volcano region.

Geologists says it can be due to the flow of magma and fire inside the cracks of the Earth. As blood runs into our veins, fire runs into the cracks of Earth. This can be the possible cause of this Boiling river.

But still scientists are not able to find tge exact reason for this boiling river.

It is a matter of curiosity and you all must be thing to go and see this river from eyes. But guys as we said, amazon is the place of cannibal kid of tribals.

Even if you go go with safety measures and with some trip peoples. This Boiling river is an attraction place for people all over the world.

Hope this post was knowledgeable for you. Share this to everyone and do share your comments with us. Stay tuned and live happy!

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