Mahabharata Story: Pandavas journey to Heaven with Draupadi

In the battle of Mahabharata, Pandavas ascended the throne and Kauravas were defeated and died. Do you know the story afterward? Today we will be telling you about the journey of Pandavas to heaven. 

What happened after Mahabharata?

Mahabharata battle

Mahabharata battle

Now as truth has won and Kauravas were no more, Dharmaraj Yudhisthir (eldest of all pandavas) was handed the throne. Lord Krishna went to his Dwarka. Due to the curse of Gandhari, Dwarka came to an end and the sign of Yadavas (Yaduvanshis) finished and later on Lord Krishna too went to vaikunth dham.

When Dharmaraj Yudhishthir came to know about this, he became very sad and decided to attain moksha, with the companion of all the Pandavas and Draupadi.

With the suggestion of Maharishi Ved Vyas, Yudhisthir handed over the throne to Parikshit and started his journey to the heaven.

Pandavas Journey to the heaven:

Pandavas with draupadi

Pandavas with draupadi

When Pandavas in sage form with Draupadi started their journey to heaven, a dog too followed them and accompanied till last.

When they completed the rounds of earth, they decided to move to heaven. On the way, Draupadi fell down and died, later on, one by one all the Pandavas fell down and died. Now only Dharmaraj Yudhisthir was left with the dog.

Just after some distance, Devraj Indra came with his chariot to take Yudhishthira to heaven. For this Yudhishthira replied, “This dog is my biggest devotee, he followed me till the end; I will not go to heaven without him”.

After a long debate, the dog came in his real form which was Yamraja. In this way, only Yudhishthira was the one to go to heaven with his body whereas other Pandavas including Draupadi got heaven only after the end of life.

So this was the story of Pandavas journey to heaven with Draupadi. How do you find the story? Do tell us in your comments. Jai Shree Krishna! 

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