Love your Motherland- Happy Independence Day to all

A very very Happy Independence Day to everyone. It is the same day when our beloved India got independence from British rule, and we got our identity as ‘Indian’. This very day, let us recall the bravery of Martyrs, Indian values, glory and its own uniqueness. Feel proud to be an Indian!

Everyone likes to go U.S, London and other foreign countries; because we feel they are much better and developed than us. Of course, they are but India has got its own uniqueness and freedom which is not there in whole world.

The Meaning of colors in Indian Tricolor:

Happy Independence day

Happy Independence day

Our Tricolor which is made of three colors; saffron, white and green, with a chakra called ‘Ashoka Chakra’ in middle. This is made with a great sense, every color with its own meaning and value.

Saffron depicts strength, courage and endurance

White is meant for loyalty, purity, truth and happiness

and Green symbolizes greenary, positivity and development

Ashoka Chakra also called Dharmachakra in the centre stands for courage and truth; which simply says that India has got both the natures, courage as well as simplicity. It has 24 spokes which means 24 hours of the day.

India as the secular Country:

Being secular is the best and the biggest thing found in India. It is unique in itself, which you can find nowhere. India is free from discrimination against religion, caste, creed and color. Although today many people tries to go with all these.

all religion in India

all religion in India

But wholly. Indian cultures values and even the government doesn’t allows for this. Here people of every religion can live freely and happily.

What makes India different from other nations?

India may not be called developed as other countries, its a developing country. We Indians belief, the motto of development can only be achieved through oneness! When we all will shake hand without thinking about the caste, creed and religion, then only we can make our country the developed and the best among all.

However, there are many thing in this country which makes it so unique and different. Some of them are listed below.

  1. India has its own tradition and culture, which is the superior of all. Respecting others, helping others, fraternity and values marks the wide part of our lives. 
  2. In the term of pollution, India is not so high whereas countries like China can be ranked very high. You can say, staying in Beijing for 2 days will devastate your lungs and respiratory system as much as 20 sticks of cigarette smoking can harm!  
  3. In India, the family means everything for each and every person, which is not the same condition in much of the countries.
  4. In India, kids in small age are given the lessons of value, relationship and brotherhood; this what actually makes India a proud nation. 
  5. India is the land of festivals. In many festivals such as Holi, Lori, Christmas, Eid, Diwali etc are celebrated by all in a great secularity. 
  6. There are more than 800 languages speak in India. But still, everyone stay so united and friendly. There is very less driscrimination with language. 

Feel proud to be an Indian! India is the only country where you will get all such comforts. Let us thank all our martyr’s who even gave their lives for the freedom of Mother India. LOve your Mother land and do your best to progress the name of this land. 

Again a very Happy Independence day to all. Stay blessed! Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. 


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