How Lord Krishna died and what happened to Dwarka

We all know the legends, birth, battles and other things about Lord Krishna. But do you know how he died?Nobody would like to describe this, as everyone loves kanha ji!

But do you really know how this avatar of Lord Vishnu left this physical existence. Today we will be talking about this and what happened to Krishna nagri Dwarka afterwards.

Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna

Dwarka was affected by Gandhari’s curse:

Remember Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas who were defeated by their own cousin brothers pandavas.

After the battle of Mahabharata, when all kauravas died the throne of Hastinapur was given to Dharmraj Yudhishthir; the eldest of all.

In this Gandhari cursed Shree Krishna, that his people (the yadavas) of Dwarka will come to an end, in the similar way kauravas ended.

She cursed that people of dwarka will be prone of untreatable malady and will kill each other. In the reply of this, Shree Krishna said “I was waiting for this only mother”.

After a few years, the curse came into action and yadavas ended by themselves.

Death of Lord Krishna:

krishna death by the hunter's arrow

krishna death

Finding it bad and unhappy, Lord Krishna left dwarka. One day he was sitting under a tree playing flute.

A hunter was passing from there. Listening the flute, he thought some peacock is chirping. Far away he saw Lord Krishna, due to reflection he thought some bird is there and shot the arrow.

Finding it Lord Krishna, he started crying and regretting. In a soft tone Lord said, “There is no fault of yours, all was predecided”. Although Lord Krishna was God himself, but his physical appearance was mortal, which was of a human.

After that Lord Krishna returned to his place, the heavenly abode of Vaikuntha.

What happened to Dwarka city then?

dwarka inside oceans

dwarka inside oceans

They say Dwarka city immersed into ocean. In holy scriptures of Mahabharata, it has also been described by Lord Krishna that one day Dwarka city will get inside oceans.

What findings and researchers says?

Divers and archeological findings have concluded, there are big monuments, buildings and city like structures inside sea.

underwater images of dwarka

underwater images of dwarka

Most probably it can be Dwarka city. It is 9000 years old Lord’s place where once Shree Krishna lived!

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We will be back again with a new interesting thing, full of mysteries. Take care and live well.

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