Kuldhara: A Haunted and Cursed village near Rajasthan!

Hey folks, welcome to the another post on ghosts and horror places! Today we will be telling about a very scary, cursed, abandoned and haunted village. It is called Kuldhara!

Town of Ghosts; this is the second name that people gives to Kuldhara village. Natives over here says that this village is cursed and abandoned from last 170 years!

Where is Kuldhara Located?

Kuldhara village Rajasthan

Kuldhara village is located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It is about 20 kms from Jaisalmer. In afternoons, many tourists comes for the visit but after sunset nobody dares to cross the boundary of the village.

Economic and Financial status of Kuldhara years ago-

Natives says, there was a time when Kuldhara village was full of prosperity, happiness and all the resources. Paliwal Bramhins used to live here, who very financially strong and with an innovative mind.

Being desert area, those bramhins knew how to raise best crops and also how to harvest rainwater in scientific manner. There hoses were made in such a technique that kept it airy, ventilated and free from heat always.

All these proves that those Bramhins were good in all. What can be the reason that such a developed, strong and prosperous village turned into abandoned place.

Haunted and cured story of Kuldhara:

ghost in Kuldhara

They say, Kuldhara was deserted in just one night! People over there left the place in just one night and cursed that nobody ever will sustain or can live here.

Tourists and natives admits so many paranormal and haunting sights in this village. A few people from paranormal society came to spend a night here. They found there was something very scary, haunting and different here.

Many people even tried to sustain and live here, but all of them failed and found dead.

Nobody knows, what happens to the people who tries to spend night there, or tried to settle there. In very mysterious way, all such people were found dead or disappeared.

Story behind this is about a jamindar and the proud of the village. Once that jamindar saw a beautiful girl of Kuldhara and was desperate to get her. Everybody refused to handover the girl to that rich jamindar. He tried a lot for this but everytime he was discarded.

Being financially and economically strong, he warned the villagers to handover the girl to him otherwise he will destroy the whole village.

Villagers were generous so all of them decided that will protect their girl and as the way they will leave the village in just a night, so that the jamindar will not be able to catch them.

Same happened they left the village in a night and cursed that as they had no way so left the village. By the curse nobody will be able to live here.

Effect of the curse in present date:

Natives and localities over there commits that the place which was prosperous once, is now place of ghosts and haunted spirits.

Even the Government has put a barricat otside the boundry, that one should not enter here late evening.

Well, Kuldhara Rajasthan is an attraction for tourists but at the same time it is also haunted and must not be experimented!

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