Is the Mystery of Bermuda Triangle interlinked with Ramayana?

A place where ships and planes get disappeared! No answers and no explanations! Yes, this is not a fairy tale this is about a real place somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. It is called ‘Bermuda Triangle’. 

Hey guys today we are again with another mystery of the oceans! Last time we talked about Mariana Trench and Megalodon which are also mysteries yet!

Today we will be telling you about a part of the Atlantic ocean, which is called ‘Bermuda Triangle’. In a very mysterious way, the ships and planes that come to the area get disappeared.

Let us know this in a detailed way.

What is called the Bermuda Triangle?

It is a triangle shape or the part; which is located in the parts of the Atlantic ocean. It is one of the biggest mysteries of the world which is not yet solved by anyone.

It is also called Devil’s triangle due to its mysterious happenings.

location of bermuda triangle

location of bermuda triangle

Where it is located?

It is located off the southeastern Atlantic Ocean coast of the United States. It is an imaginary triangle which is connected with Miami, Florida, and Bermuda itself. All these form a triangle shape where mysterious things happen.

What happens in the Bermuda Triangle?

what researches says

what researches says

Till now about 50 planes and 20 ships have been disappeared from the area! Sailors, pilots and crew people say; as they enter to the triangle their compasses stop working and a storm kind of atmosphere arises.

In no time any of the airplanes on sky or ships on the sea gets disappeared; in a mysterious way. The most amazing thing is, not a single sign or parts of the plane or ships can be found in the sea. we can say like- ‘Samundar nigal gaya k aasman kha gaya!’ 

What do scientists say about this?

Well, there is no actual and strong reason with scientists about Bermuda Triangle happenings! However, by the researches, some ideologies are there-

  • They say, in the very core of ocean there can be alien’s secret place! As they don’t want any disturbance by the outer world so they disappear all such planes and ships.
  • Many also say it can be due to storm or something.
  • Divers also found a big pyramidal structure down, which is not explained by anyone.
  • When the city of Atlantis has drowned away, there were many powerful machines which are yet working. It can be due to those powers too.
  • After such disappearances, a governmental ship was with experts to find out the reason. Unfortunately, a similar thing happened with that ship too.
    It too disappeared and nobody could find it why!

Our ancient scriptures of Ramayana has some of the explanations about this. Even the scientists and experts can’t deny or accept this.

Is it interlinked with Ramayana?

There are some of the incidents in great book Ramayana which describes this. It is about the phase when Ravana abducted Mata Sita, and a war took place between Lord Rama and Ravana.

ramayanan interlinked with bermuda

ramayanan interlinked with bermuda

  1. The first case, there was a female demon called ‘Simhika‘ who lived in oceans. She had a boon to trap the shadow of anything that fell in oceans. Just by the shadow, she could victimize the thing.
    Experts also say, it can still be due to the powers of that demon that are causing the disappearances till today!
  2. In our scriptures there is about a mani (crystal) of Ravana which was in his navel. It was by the boon of Lord Shiva. Due to that mani nobody could kill Ravana.

In order to kill Ravana, Lord Shiva went to Mandodari (Ravana’s wife) and asked for that mani and eventually she gave. When there was no protection of mani, then only Ravana was killed by Lord Rama by hitting on the navel of Ravana.

After the death of Ravana, an issue was there how to safely keep the mani! It was so strong that attracted everything around it. Lord Rama gave the responsibility to Lord Hanuman.

So Lord Hanuman kept the mani deep under the oceans; which is now called Atlantic ocean.

Is this really true or just a myth?

Bermuda Triangle mystery

Bermuda Triangle mystery

We are not spreading any superstition, it’s just what our scriptures and scientific findings says. Divers also found a big crystal kind of thing inside the ocean.

They also found an underwater city which can probably be the olden Atlantis city, which was 100 times much advanced than other places in the world.

So what do you think about Bermuda Triangle’s mystery? Please share your comments with us and do share the posts in all the social media. Stay tuned and live well!

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