Is Ravan’s dead body still somewhere on Earth

Ravan; the greatest king of Tretayug. Can you believe his body is still somewhere on earth! Amazing but true, many people and authorities at Sri Lanka believe the same. Well, this topic is going to be very exciting and adventurous too! Lets move.

Ravan’s body still somewhere; truth or fake!

news clipping of ravan

news clipping of ravan

According to the government of Sri Lanka and archeological findings, it has been declared that ravan’s body is somewhere in the deep forests of Sri Lanka.

They say, it is in the form of mummy and beneath it there is also the treasure of Ravan. It is placed deep inside the forest and guarded by poisonous serpents and wild animals. So nobody actually dares to find it out.

We are not here to spread superstition, just telling you what findings and people around Sri Lanka believes.

Story behind Ravan’s mummy:

The war between Lord Rama and Ravana ended with the death of Ravana.

war of rama and ravana

war of rama and ravana

What happened with his body? After the battle, Vibhishan, brother of Ravan was handed over the throne. Everybody became busy in the occasion and forgot to cremate the body of Ravan.

People say, the natives of Sri Lanka loved their king and didn’t find it good to burn or bury the body.

They thought after an interval of time Ravan will regain life. After a long wait, when the body was still lifeless they went to the process of mummification. They placed it inside the deep forests of Sri Lanka and is still there! It is about 8 foot tall and is preserved in some confine kind of thing.

ravana king in fierce face


This really sounds amazing and mysterious even. Something which is there since from the times of Lord Rama. Wow!

We are here just to provide some information and what archaeological findings says. It is nothing to spread fake or superstitions.

So readers, let me read your minds! You all must be getting exciting to find out so isn’t it. Even I am getting excited to find out is it really true or simply fake!

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