How to prepare Summer special Recipe of Malai Kulfi

Burning sun and flaming earth is the signs of Summer! It is the period when schools are closed with summer vacations. Hey mums, let us give surprise to our kids by preparing Malai Kulfi at home. They will love it and of course you!

Kids loves to eat ice-creams and kulfi. Although, those available outside can’t be said fully good and healthy. They contains lots of sugars and additives in it, which is not good for regular intake.

When we were small, we loved to wait for kulfiwala and have popsicles, matka kulfi, gola and all such ice treats.

Our parents used to put restrictions on having ice creams from roadside stalls, as they are not ensured for hyegiene. Same we too are doing to our kids. We want to keep them safe, but what about their cravings for ice lollies!

Today we will be telling you a very easy and tasty recipe of Malai Kulfi, which you can easily prepare at home and is full of goodness.

Ingredients required for Malai Kulfi:

malai kulfi

malai kulfi

  1. 1 litre of cow’s milk
  2. Sugar- 2 tablespoon
  3. Elaichi powder- 2 teaspoon
  4. Chopped nuts (cashew, almonds, pistachio and raisins)
  5. Kulfi moulds

We will be preparing it in a very easy way, using a very ingredients. It will taste just as of stall ones and will make you remember of your childhood.

preparing kulfi mixture

preparing kulfi mixture

How to prepare Malai Kulfi:

  • Take a thick bottom vok and put milk into it. Firstly in high flame, make the milk boil and then turn the flame to low.
  • Keep on stirring the milk so it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Cook till it gets 1/4th.
  • You will notice that the milk has turned yellowish and thick.
  • Now put all the nuts and sugar into it and again cook for 1 more minute.
  • Turn off the flame and keep the milk mixture aside to get cool.

How to mould the Malai Kulfi?

kulfi moulds

kulfi moulds

  • When the solution has turned into room temperature, its time for freezing the kulfis!
  • Take the kulfi moulds and one by one put the mixture into it.
  • Put an ice cream stick on the top and keep the mould nside freezer for 7-8 hours or overnight.
  • You will see that the kulfis are nicely freezed and now its time to demolding it.

How to take out the kulfis perfectly?

  1. It’s the final and the toughest part if you are trying kulfi for the first time.
  2. Take a bowl of normal water and the kulfi moulds. Dip each of the mould one by one and in circular motion, slowly take out the kulfi with the stick.
  3. If you find it tough, or if the kulfi is not coming out perfectly then you can also use disposable paper tea cups in place of moulds.
  4. After freezing you just need to tear the paper and you will get your nice and tasty malai kulfi.

Give it as surprise to your kids. It will be the best summer gift to them. Give it a try and do share your experiences with us. Have a happy and refreshing summers!


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