Healthy and Nutritive Sprouted Ragi Malt for babies

Ragi or finger millets is known as one of the healthiest cereal for all. Other than regular one, the sprouted ones are the highly nutritive. Today we will be telling how to make ragi sprouts and how to make its porridge.

Developing baby requires all the nutrients for a correct and healthy growth. All the doctors and pediatricians suggest to give finger millets in baby diet.

Mostly we get the millets flour from outside, in ready-made forms. But are they really hygienic! Or the process used to prepare them is free from contamination.

Of course no! You can be 100% satisfied about those packaged edibles, specially for those little kids.

Let us prepare this at home.

sprouted ragi

sprouted ragi

How to make sprouted ragi flour?

  • Take about 500 gms of finger millets (ragi), and soak them in double amount of water for overnight.
  • Next morning drain the water and wrap the finger millets in cheese clots or any soft cotton cloth.
  • Keep it untouched for about 12-15 hours.
  • After that you will notice tiny sprouts on the tip of  grains.
  • Dry them under sun or shade till completely dried.
  • Now dry roast in a low flame till gets nicely toasted.
  • In some mill, make it grind to form finger millets flour.
  • Here you go, your sprouted ragi flour is ready.

How to prepare Ragi Malt?

ragi malt for babies

ragi malt for babies

  1. For the preparation you can use water or milk, as per your choice.
  2. Take 2 tablespoons of millets powder and with 2 cups of milk/water.
  3. Boil them together in a pan and add some dates powder or jaggery.
  4. Cook till got the desired consistency.

You can serve this as mid day meal or snack even. It is very healthy and super food for 6 month+ babies.

Give the recipe a try and let us know what you discovered! In any kind of queries or doubts comment on our comment section. Take care and live well!

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