Give a fruity twist to your breakfast with Fruit Sandwich

Hey guys, here we will be talking about one of the simplest yet the healthiest kind of breakfast. It is ‘Fruit sandwich’.

Everyone likes to have something yummy and light type of breakfast. It is always a headache to choose the right and nutritious form of breakfast. Especially for those willing to lose weight; it’s a big deal to get right food.

Benefits of fruits:

Fruits are those edibles that are liked by all. Whether it is a kid or an adult; everyone prefers it. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and all the macro and micro nutrients.

berries for fruit sandwich

berries for fruit sandwich

Being rich in roughage, it fastens digestion hence keeping your body systems fit and fine. Fruits are used in preparing lots of dishes. Today we will be talking about Fruit sandwich.

Here we will learn the preparation of fruit sandwich. It has easy preparation with a very delightful taste. So let’s proceed:-

Ingredients for Fruit Sandwich-

Fruit Sandwich

Fruit Sandwich

  • White bread- 6-8
  • Whipped cream- 4 cups
  • Kiwi fruit- 2-4
  • Strawberries- 6-8
  • Green apple- 2
  • Banana- 1 ½
  • Butter- 2 tablespoon
  • Blueberries- 2-4
  • Black grapes- 2-4
  • Mango pulp- 2 tablespoon

Methods of preparation-

  1. First of all, you need to cut the brown edges of bread and diagonally divide them into two pieces each.
  2. Now take a bread slice and apply a thick layer of whipped cream over it.
  3. Cut all the fruits into thin slices and pieces. Distribute all the fruits as per the bread quantity.
  4. Now, over the whipped cream place the fruits properly.
  5. Do the same with another bread slice.
  6. Now it’s the time to toast them. It depends on your choice which kind of sandwich does you like.
  7. Toasting is not important; it just makes the bread crispy and little bit cooked.
  8. Place the first bread slice into another slice. Press it softly so that all the ingredients presents gets mixed and indulged to each other.
  9. Your fruit sandwich is ready to be served. Serve it as a breakfast or snack item.
  10. You can do same thing using salad items; this will make a veggie sandwich.

So, this was the fruity preparation of Fruit sandwich. It will take hardly 5-10 minutes. It has a fabulous taste with all the fruits in it.

It is one of the easiest and tasty way to grab health. Hope you like post. Share this in all the social media and do not forget to leave a comment below.

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