Due to which curse King Dasharatha died, father of Lord Rama!

Lord Rama was one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Do you know how King Dasharatha died, who was the father of Lord Rama? According to Hindu mythologies, there was a curse on the King which automatically became the reason of his death. 

Lord Rama with sita

Lord Rama with sita

Lord Rama was the eldest son of Father Dasharatha. King Dashratha has 3 wives; Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikaiye; and four sons; Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughana. Ayodhya was the kingdom where Dashratha was king.

Now let us see how King Dashratha died.

Reason for King Dashratha death:

When four of the prince came back from Gurukul after seeking knowledge, King Dashratha decided to give up the throne to his eldest son; Lord Rama. Everyone was very happy and eagerly preparing for the celebration.

There was a maid called ‘Manthra‘ who, in an unlawful way provoked Kaikaiye; to ask for her boon. For the boon; she should ask to give throne to Bharata and secondly to send Rama in forests for 14 years.

Lord Rama going vanvas

Lord Rama going vanvas

Kaikaye did the same, and Lord Rama followed it  by saying- “Raghukul reet Sada Chali aayi, prana Jaye par vachan na jayi“. It means the tradition of promise is so strong in Raghukul; that even life and death can’t ascend over it!

After Rama left for forests, King Dashratha died after 6 days in remembrance of his beloved son Rama.

Was it the effect of some curse for this?

shravana kumar

shravana kumar

Yes, it was the curse given by the parents of Shravana which resulted in the death of King Dashratha!

Long ago, Dashratha was a teenager and was playing hunting in forests. Suddenly, he heard the sound of whisper in lake. It was like someone is near the lake. King thought it as some deer and shot in the direction.

Unfortunately, it was Shravan Kumar who came to take water for his blind parents. Seeing this, Dashratha started apologizing but it was too late. Sharavan Kumar said- “My parents are thirsty, please take this water to them and say about my death”. 

Dashratha did the same! After listening to their son’s tragic news, his parents cursed Dashratha- “As today we are dying due to our son’s lose, same you will also face and will die due to your son’s partition” and they died.

This was the only curse that resulted in King Dasharatha death. After that Bharatha in order of his elder brother, ascended the throne and onwards Lord Rama when he came after 14 years.

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