Divine visit to Shaktipeeth Maa Naina Devi Temple

God is everywhere! But there are some places where we find this great immortal energy little more. Today we will be talking about the Shaktipeeth of Maa Naina Devi.

First let us know what is called Shaktipeeth?

When Devi sati immersed herself in burning pyre of hawan, Lord Shiva got angry and started doing Tandava.

With the burning body of sati on hands, Lord Shiva started doing Tandava which was the sign of end of universe. Seeing this all gods pleased Lord Vishnu to stop this and save universe.

shiva with sati body

shiva with sati body

With his Sudarshan chakra , Lord Vishnu cut the body of sati into 52 pieces which fell on different places on earth . Every place where the body parts of ma sati fell, is now known as Shaktipeeth.

It is believed, Lord Shiva in his Rudra form protects the Shaktipeeth.

Story of Naina Devi Temple:

There was a ‘gujjar’ boy who daily went to forests with his cows and cattles to graze them. Once he noticed one of his cows goes to a definite place and milk starts oozing at that spot.

naina devi

naina devi

For several days he noticed the same thing. One night Devi Maa ce to his dreams and said, the place where cow oozes the milk is my part which will be known as Naina Devi.

Next morning, the boy went to king’s court and told everything. The king self went to the place and saw the happening.

After that a huge Temple was built over the place which is now known as Naina Devi Temple.

It is believed the two eyes of Maa Sati fell over there.

naina devi temple main gate

naina devi temple main gate

Location of Naina Devi temple:

This very temple is situated on hill top in Bilaspur Distt. of Himachal Pradesh in India. The climate is always spring and winter there, which makes the visit pleasant and memorable.

How one can reach there?

  • The nearest railway station over there is in Anandpur Sahib and the distance from there is near about 30 km.
  • This very temple of Naina devi is connected with National Highway No. 21.
  • The nearest airport is in Chandigarh and the distance from there is about 100 km. Flight journey looks nice as it will cover the travel in minimum time without any hindrance.
  • Taxis and cabs are also available from Anandpur Sahib and from Chandigarh to reach the temple.

occasions and celebrations at the temple:

naina devi temple inside

naina devi temple inside

The festival of Navratra is grandly celebrated there. People from all over the country comes to seek the blessings from goddess. Not only this, festivals of Kali puja and other festivals are also celebrated hugely here.

This place is really very good and one of the sacred temples of India. The surroundings with fill you with positivity and energy. If ever got a chance must visit this place. Jai Mata Di!!

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