The only Distinctive temple of India where people are scared to go

India is known as the land of culture and tradition. Temples are the place, where everyone likes to visit. They feel blessed, protected and happy there. Today we will be telling you about a temple, where people are scared to go!  Strange, but true. Let’s have a look to this.

Can you guess of a temple, where scariness is there! A feeling of terror and scare lies there. Yes. in some part of this world, there is a temple which has same features!

Usually no one feels terror of going a temple. A feeling of positivity and happiness lies there.

yamraj temple where people are scared to go

yamraj temple in himachal

Scary temple of India where people are scared to go:

The scary temple, for which we are talking is not dedicated to some god or goddess. It is the temple dedicated to God of Death ‘Lord Yamraja’. Here, the self presence of Yamraja is there, so people feel it scary to go.

Where it is situated?

This very temple is located at Bharmor namely place. It is 500 kms away from New Delhi, at Himachal in district Chamba.

Beliefs of the temple:

There is a vacant room in the temple. It is believed, Lord Yamraja with his minister, Chitragupta stays there. Chitragupta, keeps all the good and bad records done by an individual. After death, the departed soul is judged according to his deeds.

news clipping for the temple

news clipping for the temple

It is also believed, after death when a soul departs from the physical existence, his first arrival is at this temple only. After that, the soul’s journey begins  for heaven or hell.

This is the reason why people feels it scary to visit the temple. Although, there is nothing to be scared at this temple, but this is our belief and fear too.

Those who even passes from the temple, bows and prays for all well.

Isn’t it a very amazing temple! Although, it is not the only temple of Yamraja in India, there are many more but a fearsome thing lies here only.

Hope you like the post. Share it to all and do share your experiences with us. take care and live well.

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