Did curse of Draupadi caused depletion of Hastinapur

Hastinapur, the place of Kauravas and Pandavas. In the present date, this very city is undeveloped and is counted in backward places. People tried a lot to develop that place, but still the city remained in poverty and situation like famine! Many people say it as curse of Draupadi. Let’s know this why?

You must have heard about Hastinapur in the tales and stories of Mahabharata. It was the place where the king was Dhritrashtra! During the reign of Mahabharata, this was like gold city. Fully developed, everyone happy and leading a happy life. Today it is like finished. Why so?

There can be many reasons for that; like lack of communication, lac of business interest etc. Many believe it as the result of Draupadi curse. It must be making you laugh, as how superstitious! Let’s know the full story behind it.

What caused Draupadi to curse?

draupadi being insulted

draupadi being insulted

In the game of dice enrolled by Mama Shakuni, when Pandavas lost everything, their palace, honor, wealth and all. Due to everyone’s beckoning, Pandavas put Draupadi in bet and unfortunately they lost again!

In revenge, Dushashan began to insult Draupadi as putting off her saree. Everyone were there and nobody came to help. In this, Draupadi cursed that

“This place where a lady is miserably screaming for help and so much insulted, will never develop. It will fail and be miserable always”.

Another reason for Hastinapur backwardness:

Many people also believe this can also be due to lack of proper communication and means of transport. There is no such building, institution or any other megastructures which can develop the city.

hastinapur in today

hastinapur in today

People’s over there also say, there was a factory over there which was shut for 5 times and people tried to open it. But still it remained undeveloped and is closed now.

Whatever the reason can be, but it is really a matter for debate what caused the depletion and undeveloped status of Hastinapur.

You all must be wondering and trying to find out the reason for this! Once visit the place and see its undeveloped status, you will find it miserable.

This is a fact, people who insult or rules over females are always the looser. Not only the people but the place also stays undeveloped and remains in poverty and dullness.

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