Being the richest of all why Tirupati Balaji is always poor

Tirupati Balaji is known as the wealthiest God of all. Still why he is always the poorest! Can anybody answer this? Today we will be telling you a very amazing thing, which only few knows.

According to an estimation, there is about 50 crores balance in Tirupati Balaji’s trust. In addition, thousands of devotees donate precious gems, money, gold and other things there.

tirupati balaji

tirupati balaji

Do you know, even after all these Tirupati Balaji has always been in debt and is poor. You must be shocked right!

Today we will be telling you a story, which will describe the reason for Tirupati Balaji poorness.

Why Tirupati Balaji is always  poor?

One day Saint Bhrigu visited to Baikunth dham to visit Lord Vishnu. At that time, Lord Vishnu was resting, suddenly Saint Bhrigu hit his chest with leg.

In answer to this, Lord Vishnu asked if saint’s leg was hurtled or what. Seeing this, Saint Bhrigu feel apologized and stared begging.

He said “O Lord, you are the patiently god of all”. Lord Vishnu forgave him. Seeing this, Goddess Lakshmi became angry that why lord forgave him, he should be punished.

goddess lakshmi getting angry

goddess lakshmi getting angry

In anger, she left baikunth and took born as ‘padmavati‘ on Earth. To make goddess happy and to bring her back to baikunth, Lord Vishnu appeared as Lord Venkateshwara and decided to marry padmavati.

For the arrangements, he asked kuber, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma for the money. Hence, marriage took place and everything went right.

So why Tirupati Balaji is in debt and poor?

According to scriptures, doesn’t matter how much rich you are if you are in debt you are always poor. Same case is with Tirupati Balaji.

Therefore devotees donate precious gems and money at the place, so the debt gets completed.

Wasn’t is a very interesting story. Hope you all like the post. Share it to all and do share your comment below. Stay tuned and live well!

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