5 Facts and Things that prove Lord Hanuman is still alive!

Lord Hanuman is the second name for strength, power and courage! Lord Hanuman is the biggest devotee of Shree Rama; so he is also called Rambhakt Hanuman.

We read and hear about Lord Hanuman is Ramayana stories! But do you know what happened to him after Shree Rama returned to Vaikuntha. Many of us don’t know about this thing.

Lord Hanuman with Rama

Let’s know something about these things and know where is Lord Hanuman now.

Lord Hanuman is still on Earth!

Many of your eyes must have gone much bigger and must be in shock state. For a common man, its almost impossible to believe that Lord Hanuman is alive and somewhere on this earth.

Saints and spiritualists believe this thing, that Pawanputra Hanuman is alive in current date too. Now you will thing how and what are the proves.

Have patience! Now we are going to disclose such facts and stories that will make you believe that Hanuman is still alive.

Immortality of Hanuman:

Lord Hanuman

In our ancient scriptures, there is the mention of Lord Rama, Krishna and all such forms of Gods, going back to heaven. But in any book or scripture you will not find any mention or writing of Hanuman gong back to Hanuman.

Actually, Lord Hanuman was immortal. By seeing the Ramabhakti, Goddess Sita gave blessing to Hanuman that he will be immortal and will stay on this Earth till the end of Kaliyug.

What happened to Hanuman after Ramayana?

After Lord Rama left his body, and went to Vaikuntha dham, Hanuman was not so happy at Ayodhya and he too left Ayodhya and decided to stay in forests only.

As he got the boon of immortality, he is still in this earth and whoever takes the name of Shree Rama with true heart, Lord hanuman appears in own or changed form.

Proves of Lord Hanuman alive on this Earth:

People who has achieved enlightenment and achieved peace, guarantees to see Hanuman ji. Let us see some of the facts that is enough to prove that Hanuman ji is still in this Earth

1. Tulsidas writing Ramayana-

Tulsidas writing Ramayana

Do you know, Tulsidas who was the great writer of sacred book Ramayana was himself a simpleton and clunk person. Then a question arises , how such a simple person wrote Ramayana and how he know what incidents happened in Tretayuga.

Knowledgeable persons and en lighted ones says that it was himself Lord Hanuman who gave enlightenment to Tusidas that he was able to write Ramayana.

2. Enlighten Tribal of Sri Lanka-

Lord hanuman
Lord hanuman

Recently scientists came to know about a tribe who were living hidden from this world. Surprising thing about this tribe was, even being so backward they were very healthy, knowledgeable and like saints.

Tribal people says, once in every 41 years a huge, monkey kind of person comes to our tribe and gives self-realisation and knowledge to us.

Actually, when Lord Hanuman was leaving Ayodhya he went to forests and went to that tribe. People over there cared Hanuman ji a lot and as the boon Lord hanuman gave self-realization to them and promised to meet them in every 41 years,

3. Maya civilisation of America-

Maya civilization is one of the most ancient civilizations of U.S. People here worships and monkey god, who resembles same like Lord Hanuman.

In such foreign places, many people commits of seeing a huge, monkey kind of person.

4. Lord Hanuman in Mahabharata stories-


We know that Mahabharata took place is Dwaparyuga which was after Ramayana. In that yuga, there is also the mention of Lord Hanuman. Once he break the pride of strength in Bheemsena and secondly he appeared as the flag over Arjuna’s chariot for the protection.

5. BigFoot creature in Himalayan regions-

In our scriptures, it is described that great peoples and Lord Hanuman will reside in Himalayan regions during Kaliyuga.

Coincidently, a huge, hairy and big creature is said to be seen in Himalayan regions which looks like a big human with the facial characters of Monkey.

People has named it ‘Him Manava’, and ‘Big foot’. There are also huge footprints, which ofcourse can’t be of a normal human. People sometimes sight a huge creature in Hmalayas, but is nor non-destructive neither harming.

Experts says, it can be Hanumana itself which disappears in any sighting.

With immortality, Hanuman also got the blessing to be super fast and can be present in many places at the same time.

All these things proves that Hanuman ji is still somewhere between us. Devotees to takes the name of Shree Rama by true heart, Hanuman ji appears there like the speed of light.

Hope you find the post interesting and knowledgeable. Share this to all and do share your comments with us.

!!Jai Shree Rama!! !!Jai Hanuman!!

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