3 Unusual Creepy places in India where you should not go

India is land full of mysteries and creepy things, some are so bewildering that are not even solved by scientists and experts. Today we will be telling you about 3 very unusual and different place, where you should not dare to go. 

Unusual places in India:

Where there is mystery, there is some stories and mysteries! Some are fake, whereas some are so vast that are not even understood by scientists.

These places are either banned by the government or simply named as some creepy places. If you also loves adventures and fond of unusual things, then this post is only meant for you. Let’s have a look.

1. North Sentinal Island-

tribals at north sentinal island

tribals at north sentinal island

North Sentinal Island is located among the groups of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The strange thing is, no boat, no ship or no tourist guides will agree to take you there! Somehow, if you reach the place then be sure you are going to lose your life and coming alive from there will be toughest!

Actually, at the forests of that Island a very cannibal kind of tribe resides, which is believed to be thousands years old. They are meant to protect their tribe, and don’t want any interruption in their customs and life.

They have no interest in outer world and developments around. So, it’s not safe to go there. They even kill unknown ones, coming to their Island.

2. Snake Island-

snakes at snake island

snakes at snake island

It is small Island, measuring just about 100 acres in the coastal area of Brazil. It is believed in such a small Island about 20,000 snakes are there! Here Golden Pitt Viper is found, which is not found in any other part of the world.

With so much of serpents,there is no possibility for humans or any other animals to stay there.

This Island is banned by the government of Brazil. Only some experts and researchers can go there, with some protecting equipments and with the permission of Government.

3. Ramree Island-

salt water crocodiles

salt water crocodiles

This very Island is situated on coast of Rakhine State, Burma. It is about 1,350 square kilometres. The terrific thing about the Island is huge and deadliest salt water crocodiles! Here are the crocodiles, which are about 20 feet tall. They eats everything coming near to them.

One during 2nd world war, about 200 Japanese soldiers escape to Island. They were not knowing about those monster crocodiles. 180 of them were killed and swallowed by the crocodiles. Lived ones told that crocodiles engulfed them full! This place is very dangerous to go.

So these were some of the places in India where you should not dare to go! It will be like risking your life. Hope you found this post interesting and knowledgeable. Do comment us and share the post in all the social medias. Thanking you!

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