3 easy ways to give Curd to Babies and Toddlers

Curd is one of the healthiest things for adults as well as kids. Specially during summers, it is very good to keep your body cool. Today we will tell you three easy ways how to introduce curd to babies and toddlers. 

Summers are on doorsteps and its a high time to include cool natured things in your diet. Talking about kids and babies, they needs a special care in all the changing weathers. As our topic spells, we will be telling you how to introduce curd.

In addition to that we will also be telling some of the important facts, precaution and other things related to curd. So let’s begin!

Firstly lets see what are the benefits of curd.

curd for babies

curd for babies

Benefits of eating curd:

  • The lactic acid is abundantly found in curd which helps to keep your digestive system fit and avoiding all gastric related problems.
  • It is actually one stage superior than milk, and has abundant of calcium and minerals in it.
  • If you are suffering from bloating stomach, gas, acidity etc; then curd is the best medicine for you.
  • In summers, daily eating of curd prevents sun strokes, heat bubbles and other summer problems.

Now you must be thinking when to introduce curd to babies. We have the answer to this too.

When to introduce Curd to Babies:

Pediatricians suggest one should start giving curd as the baby steps to 7th month of age. Curd is very lighter and thus can be easily digestible.

Many times kids hesitates to have curd, for this you can give it some tasty flavors, in natural way. Let us see the three ways in which you can give curd to babies.

3 Ways to give Curd to kids:

  1. Banana with Curd:

    Banana curd

    Banana curd

It is the tastiest way which can also be taken by adults. For this you just need to take 3-4 tablespoons of curd and a banana. Blend it nicely as per your desired consistency. Serve to babies, they are going to love the taste.

2. Curd Rice:

This is a famous South-Indian meal which is very healthy and also good for kids. Although they add lots of tempering into it, giving it a brilliant taste. For kids, we will not add so many ingredients and will keep it simple.

curd rice

curd rice

Prepare steamed rice, which should be little bit more softer as for babies. Now take rice with 2 tablespoons of curd. Add a pinch of cumin powder and salt in it. Mash or blend it well. Ser as per your desired consistency.

3. Steamed apple with Curd:

This is also a fruit way to give curd to kids. Being tasty it is also very healthy, as the goodness of apple is also there.

Take an apple, cut it into pieces and steam it until softens. As it cool downs, take 3-4 tablespoons of curd and the steamed apple. Blend it as per your desired consistency and serve to kids. You can also add jaggery or dates syrup as the sweetener.

apple with curd

apple with curd

These are the best ways to give curd to babies. Although many also likes to include berries and mango in it, for a twist.

We are not suggesting this as many kids are not able to tolerate it and soon develops rashes and other problems. Before going to any such new start, first consult your pediatrician and elders as well.

Hope this post was useful to you. Do share your comments with us. Eat well and live well!

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